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Bulgari Celebrates Serpenti’s Anniversary With Snapchat Lenses



To celebrate the 75th anniversary of its Serpenti design, luxury fashion house Bulgari partnered with Snapchat and creative tech studio Beyond to release two augmented reality lenses in the Snapchat mobile application. Bulgari’s Serpenti collections feature watches and jewelry with designs inspired by a serpent.

To start, the Serpenti75 Lens adds the scales from the Serpenti accessory line around a person’s eyes in augmented reality. The scales animate and change colors automatically over time. When someone switches to their device’s rear-facing camera, the lens places Serpenti scales on different surfaces in their environment.

“We’re commemorating Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti design with AR Lenses that bring Serpenti’s golden scales to life both on Snapchatters and the world around them,” said Anthony Di Muccio, U.S. head of retail and ecommerce at Snap. “With AR, Bulgari is helping their audience participate in their story in an immersive way and we’re excited to see our community experience the Lenses and celebrate Serpenti’s anniversary with us.”

As part of this campaign, Bulgari launched a pop-up and exhibit at 70 Gansevoort St. in New York’s Meatpacking District, which features work from Turkish-American artist and director Refik Anadol, along with Serpenti heritage pieces and jewels. Snapchat users can point an AR Landmarker Lens at the pop-up space to see the building transform with golden scales and Bulgari’s Serpenti 75 logo in augmented reality. This exhibit and pop-up will run through July 16.

“We wanted to create something that represents the brand’s iconic golden scales and Serpenti branding in the highest qualitative possible way,” David Robustelli, founder and creative director at Beyond, told Adweek.

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