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Cindy Crawford Reimagines Pepsi Ad for ‘Margarita Song’



“One Margarita, Saucy Remix,” filmed at Los Angeles club El Cid, known for its weekly queer-themed party called Hot Dog, happened because Moore wanted a professionally made video to use as a calling card. 

Anderson and Wilson brainstormed the scenario and Crawford’s appearance, aiming for an eye-catching intro that would hew closely to the classic Pepsi ad but not stray into copyright violation.

The slow-motion opening includes Crawford arriving at El Cid in a vintage muscle car, strolling inside and chugging her first margarita. Her third drink is accompanied by a comic pratfall, while all around her, sexually charged shenanigans ensue.

While the brands may promote the video, there’s no word on whether they will pay for media. Collaborators are instead hoping for organic eyeballs and sharing.

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