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Google’s Find My Devices network adds Chipolo trackers



Google’s freshly expanded Find My Device platform has two new trackers coming from Chipolo: the One Point key finder and the Card Point wallet finder. While these trackers are dedicated to Google’s location tracking service, Chipolo also offers similar One Spot and Card Spot trackers for Apple’s Find My service.

The names here are fairly self-explanatory. The new One Point wallet finder resembles a thick credit card that slips into your purse or wallet, while the key finder is a puck-shaped keyring. The latter is small enough to use in other circumstances though, such as keeping tabs on your luggage, bike, or even on a pet collar.

The Card Point tracker doesn’t look too bulky compared to a standard credit card, so it shouldn’t hog space in your wallet.
Image: Chipolo

The Chipolo One Point has a one-year battery life and a replaceable battery. It’s also the louder of the two, coming in at 120dB. The Chipolo Card Point follows at 105dB and has a two-year non-replaceable battery — the card can be recycled and replaced (with a new product at 50 percent discount) when it reaches end-of-life through Chipolo’s renewal program.

The Chipolo Point trackers are exclusive to Google’s Find My Devices platform.
Image: Chipolo

Both Point trackers have a location range of 60 meters (almost 200 feet), support Android’s Fast Pair feature, and have IPX5 rated water-resistance — meaning they’ll keep working when caught in heavy rain but not submerged. You’ll need to connect the Point trackers to an Android device running at least Android 9 and have Google Play services installed.

Preorders are available now, with delivery anticipated for the “second half of July 2023.” The Chipolo One Point will set you back $28 for one, or $79 for a pack of four. The Chipolo Card Point is $35 or $112 for four (plus replacement cost after a few years). There’s also a bundle containing one of each tracker available for $77.

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