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Subaru Champions Access to the Outdoors for All



The U.S. National Park System is meant to allow everyone to explore the outdoors. But historically, communities such as ethnic minorities and disabled people have been excluded from such spaces. Many brands in the outdoor sector have perpetuated this issue by predominantly using images of white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people.

Subaru of America is helping to change the narrative about who belongs in the outdoors. Its new campaign stars Emmy-nominated deaf actor Keivonn Woodard as he travels to Yosemite National Park with his dad.

Created by agency partner Carmichael Lynch, the film titled “A Beautiful Silence” shows 10-year-old Woodard in the back seat of his dad’s Subaru Forester Wilderness as they drive through the national park. The pair, who are Black, use ASL to communicate as they hike to a waterfall.

The audio alternates between muting and playing the sound of rushing water to demonstrate how both of them experience the wonders of the park in different ways.

“The outdoors are for everyone, and whether it’s a trip to a national park or a walk in the woods, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience its beauty,” Subaru of America senior vice president of marketing, Alan Bethke, said in a statement. “Through our partnership with the National Park Foundation and our commitment to making safe and capable vehicles like the Forester Wilderness, we’re hoping that even more people will be inspired to explore the wonders of nature, just like the father and son in our new creative.”

Subaru is the National Park Foundation’s largest corporate donor, supporting its ParkVentures program, which funds organizations focused on providing outdoor recreation opportunities to historically excluded communities. Last year, the car maker worked directly with ParkVentures grantee Black People Who Hike, supplying them with the vehicles and gear they needed for a retreat in Acadia National Park.

“A Beautiful Silence” will also run as a 30-second version for national television spots, while a 15-second version will be used in targeted digital and social promotions throughout August.

Subaru is not the only brand tackling a lack of diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. Last year, five companies including Patagonia and The North Face teamed up to establish Opening Up the Outdoors, a nonprofit that provides mentoring to grassroots leaders focused on making outside spaces more accessible.

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