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Opinion | Inflation Is Still on the Menu

Democratic politicians and commentators say we should stop worrying about inflation now that it’s cooled to 3.2%. They should try eating out. At a humble Turkish restaurant near...

Opinion | The IRS’s Act of $600 Mercy

The agency again postpones a new third-party 1099-K tax-form deluge. Source link

Opinion | Reverberations of Music From the Holocaust

Yiddish song narrates stories of how Jews treasured life amid terrible suffering. Source link

Opinion | Will Trump Be Indicted Into Office?

‘The people call Donald J. Trump.” So began Monday’s episode of the Democratic Party’s favorite legal drama, as Mr. Trump took the witness stand in Manhattan court. The...

Opinion | Boycotting the Jews Reaches the West Bank of the Delaware

Philadelphia officials shrink from criticizing a boycott of restaurants owned by ‘Zionists.’ Source link

Opinion | ‘Sorry’ for Being So Blunt

What a luxury anonymity is. In the Dark Age of cancel culture, the un-self-conscious behavior and unpoliced thoughts of a private citizen are underrated. Yes, the fervent hordes...

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Apple responds to the Beeper iMessage saga: ‘We took steps to protect our users’

A few days after the team at Beeper proudly announced a way for users to send blue-bubble iMessages directly from their Android devices...

Marc Andreessen: MrBeast Feastables and Logan Paul’s Prime are not ‘gimmicks’ but the ‘future of consumer products’

You might dismiss as mere gimmicks products from YouTube stars like MrBeast and Logan Paul—think Feastables snacks and Prime energy drinks, respectively. But...

Liz Magill, under pressure after antisemitism comments to lawmakers, resigns as University of Pennsylvania president

The University of Pennsylvania’s president has resigned amid pressure from donors and criticism over testimony at a congressional hearing where she was unable to say...

MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani breaks record with $700 million Dodgers deal: ‘He’s transcended baseball.’

Major League Baseball superstar Shohei Ohtani, who has been likened to the legendary Babe Ruth for his ability to hit home runs and pitch,...