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Opinion | The IRS Wants to Do Your Tax Preparation

‘Direct file’ is a waste of time and money. Private companies and nonprofit organizations do just fine. Source link

Opinion | Turkey Must Allow Sweden Into NATO

If it isn’t a member before the July Vilnius summit, Erdoğan and Orbán shouldn’t be welcome. Source link

Opinion | Viewer’s Guide to Ken Paxton’s Impeachment

The Texas attorney general’s scandal allegedly entails an affair, fraud, payoffs and even the FBI. Source link

Opinion | McCarthy’s Debt-Ceiling Deal Meets ‘Die Hard 2’

The country is drifting right of center and opposition conservatives better not miss the turn. Source link

Opinion | California Admits Alternative Energy Still Unaffordable

Plan to limit fossil fuels works well—except when they’re needed. Source link

Opinion | My Father Helped Put Men on the Moon

I asked Bernie Siegel, 99, about the progress in space travel. Source link

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A surge of retirements means companies are desperate for niche workers like airline mechanics and nurses

Kwasi Bandoh, a senior recruiter for an airline, stood before a group of aviation mechanic students at their graduation ceremony last month and...

Meta announces its Quest 3 VR headset, which will cost $499.99

We already had a pretty good idea of how the Quest 3 would shake out after Mark Gurman of Bloomberg detailed his hands-on...

Google Wallet is rolling out support for state IDs this month

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add their state ID or driver’s licenses to Google Wallet. Announced today, anyone with a...

Star Flyer tests all-you-can-fly package as airline bets on remote workers

With the shift to working-from-home, many workers took the opportunity to move to cheaper locations, taking advantage of more space further away from...

Fed officials are signaling that the central bank won’t hike interest rates in June

Leading Federal Reserve officials are sending out stronger signals that they will forego an interest rate increase at the central bank’s next meeting...