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The Speed of Culture Podcast: Adapting to Culture



The world’s most prominent companies, including Disney, Coca Cola and Adidas have often been able to maintain their positions by driving consumer cultures through exceptional innovation and branding. However, behind every successful company lies a team of marketing experts that focus on creating positive change and achieving measurable results.

At the helm of such teams, you’ll find leaders like Daniel Cherry III, svp and general manager at Adidas, who joins Suzy Founder and CEO Matt Britton on the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast in collaboration with Adweek. Cherry III shares his insights on building brand success, creating positive change for consumers and the importance of understanding cultural changes.

Cherry III has had an extensive career in advertising and marketing, working with various global brands and media companies. Before joining Adidas, Cherry III was the svp and general manager for DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Discovery company. He also held various marketing leadership roles at companies like Activision Blizzard, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Diageo and New York Cosmos. Prior, Cherry III served as managing partner and director of brand strategy at Anomaly, working on global brands such as Converse, Umbro, Cole Haan, Budweiser and Motorola. He also worked at Wieden+Kennedy, where he led strategy on Nike, the Jordan Brand and ESPN. 

Today, Cherry III is recognized as one of the top marketing executives in the industry, named to SportsBusiness Journal’s prestigious 40 Under 40 list in 2016 and touted as one of the top 25 Marketers Leading Global Brand Transformation.

Discover Cherry III’s wisdom on creating positive change in culture and building brand success by checking out the key takeaways of this episode below.

Key Highlights:

  • 04:37 – 09:44 – Understanding how culture moves – Cherry III’s career in marketing and advertising began during his college days when he promoted parties. He later got his start at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where he successfully launched the AND 1 brand and the groundbreaking “AND 1 Mixtape Series.” Cherry III credits his success in the marketing field to his ability to observe and understand cultural shifts and capitalize on trends.
  • 09:44 – 12:15 – Recognizing marketing provenance – Cherry III believes that every endeavor begins with someone, somewhere, and a few supportive friends—a marketing provenance that he and Nike’s Sandy Bodecker developed. Creating something that people want to be a part of is a collaborative effort, and building a network while acknowledging the contributions of others is crucial for career growth and success. 
  • 12:15 – 18:40 – Leveraging brand success – To make a significant impact on major brands, one must first define what success entails for these companies, comprehend the psychology of the decision-makers and identify the core issues that hinder consumers from connecting with the brand. As an agency, delivering a calculated return on investment is essential.
  • 28:02 – 32:18 – The arbiter of culture and business – Cherry III understands the importance of supporting individuals and their peers to create the next big thing. His responsibility as a marketing leader is to comprehend the company’s corporate strategy and steer it in the right direction concerning culture and trends. Culture is constantly evolving, and to stay relevant, you must support, promote, celebrate and adjust candidly when necessary. To stay current with culture, marketing leaders must engage with individuals who are well-versed in what’s popular, utilize data services and seek diverse perspectives around the table. By doing so, they can remain ahead of the game and establish a lasting impact.

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